About us

I am a blogger from Hankow (China), who have gained quite a good popularity in various areas and similar projects. I am really happy my friends if you have already visited and got yourself familiarized with any of my other blogs (I have total 10 of those).

This particular project of mine is dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine and all aspects connected with it. As you probably know the Chinese medicine counts thousands of years of history and is considered as a national heritage along with the Great wall and some other locations and artefacts in our country.

I inherited the skill of Chinese medicine from my parents, that was our family trade for hundreds of years, various member of our family practiced massage, acupuncture, healing herbs and they were much respected and acknowledged as professionals and masters of their craft.

My parents published several printed books, which were translated in 8 languages and sold in Europe and US, but the times are changing, and I decided to share the secrets and mysteries through Internet, as a more publicly accessible and free way to convey any kind of information.

My dear friends I humbly welcome you as guests in this blog and let’s start our journey to the world of Chinese medicine.